Lider Oils for Unmatched power and performance

LIDER OIL CORPORATION provided free education for children in our workshop and NGO etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the essential parts of LIDER OIL CORPORATION LIMITED, s business and a part of our company’s core values. Our general aim is to be able to contribute a part of the company’s resources for the social development and solving specific community problems. Our corporate citizenship activities are aimed to promote the social welfare of the needy community and to promote cultural activities in a modest way.

In this direction, our main object is to provide education for every children of society and make independence to them that is notable for education. This is done in conjunction with the Rotary clubs (national & international) and (a leading NGO in this field).and with this aim we organized the school, and technical’s training center for orphan and poor children.

Organized health check up champ by LIDER OIL CORPORATION

The lider oil corporation focus is to support and strengthen the malnutrition and unhealthy section of the society and provide them with necessary medical advice.

People to test them, study their cause, offer them appropriate medical advice and physiotherapy and to work treatment and which will help them to live their live healthy and a more wealthy way.

With this aim, selection camps are organized time to time various place of rural and urban.

Save the Environment and you will Save the Life and Future.

With a strong focus on environment safety and protection, lider oil corporation Ltd. is committed to conducting business with promoting eco-friendly products thus creating and preserving safe clean & green environment. Our environmental aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is the duty to cover the environmental implications of the company’s operations, products and facilities; eliminate waste and emissions; maximize the efficiency and productivity of its resources and to control those operations which would be harmful to the country’s natural resources

1. Manufacture and deliver oils is eco friendly manner. While planning activities, prevention of pollution, resource conservation and waste minimization shall be taken into consideration.

2. Observing and evaluate the environmental performance and continual improvement through reviews at regular intervals.

3. Company much activity to accomplished regarding to the plantation so keep clean and green healthy environments.

4. Communicate the policy to all the persons inside the premises and interested parties.

In this way, with contribution to social, community and environment protection we are promising to be a socially responsible it is a part of our core values and are firmly resolved to go one step beyond business and make a difference to our society

Requirement of C&F, Distributor and Dealer in various location in India as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan Odisha & South India intersted condidate apply here.