Lider Oils for Unmatched power and performance


Lider Oil corporation has always strictly manage a Research and development organization its installation all wall equipments as per international standards and Scientific & Industrial Research organization and highly technical staff they always that continuously working to improvement of our products quality.

Research and development is a continues process because latest engine are being introduced from time to time for use in vehicles so that we has fulfill industries requirements and ensure 100% quality products of our costumer.

Products are developed keeping in mind the best performance requirement of modern engines, the extreme operating conditions and emerging environmental regulations and new technologies.

Strict quality control adhering to stipulated standards is maintained at the plants. Company has been manufacturing of latest engine oils exceeding as per API norms' like as API- SN, API-SM, API CH-4 and API-CI-4 Plus, semi synthetic and fully synthetics.

Requirement of C&F, Distributor and Dealer in various location in India as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan Odisha & South India intersted condidate apply here.